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Staff/Player report rules.

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joejack115    1
  • Only people directly involved with the report/incident are allowed to reply to the Thread.(This means you had to be in-game with the person when the incident happened, either grouped up with the person in question or within a 500M radius and witnessed the incident. if you are in that person's group but not in-game or within a 500M radius you are NOT allowed to post.)
  • All reports must contain evidence. Failing to include evidence will get your report declined.(evidence may be sent to staff if it contains Codes/base location. you must @ the staff member you are sending it too. and you must tell them that the evidence is related to your report.)
  • if you do not use the template provided your report will be declined until you use the correct template.(Player)(Staff)
  • Do no create reports against other players just because you are salty. Creating drama is not acceptable.
  • don't get off topic while replying to your report doing so will get your comments removed and may get you a warning point.


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