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Compensation request rules.

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Please use the provided compensation request template provided HERE when filling out a request failing to do so will result in your request being declined until you use the template.

Here is a list of valid compensation reasons:

  • Victim of another player breaking rules after report has been submitted and accepted (Player report needs to be accepted first before you can get compensated for this).
  • Victim of a hacker attack on the server (Someone kills the whole server).
  • Server shutting down unannounced (DDoS attacks or just server crashing in general).
  • If an Admin has given you the approval to post the compensation request in special occasions (Might be an invalid reason, but Admin still gave you the approval to post, either way, just make sure they vouch for you on your post).
  • ArmA III glitches (Random events like helicopter blowing up out of nowhere (does not include when landed on Base parts) or dying while walking up a staircase).

Here is a list of invalid compensation reasons:

  • Victim of another player breaking rules without submitting and getting a report accepted first. (No compensation unless they've been reported and the report has been accepted).
  • Client-side issues (If your game crashes or something goes wrong on your end).
  • Desync.
  • If your request is under 25K your request may be denied.
  • Kicked for fair reasons (If you get kicked for too high ping or trolling).

Common knowledge is expected (Experimenting with the game mechanics in general that results in a loss).

Staff & the final say.

Please respect that the staff has the final say in the case and you have to accept whatever result they come up with. Failing to accept the Staff's final say and bothering them with it can result in a ban. We're here to help everyone and do our best, but we're NOT your servants.


The only way that we can be sure that your claims are true is by you providing us the needed evidence to support your case. The evidence is a must and we will have to deny all compensation requests with no sufficient evidence provided. Special cases full evidence won't be needed (some cases you will only need a picture of your inventory or something along those lines. In very rare occasions you won't need evidence these cases are if you have direct permission from staff that you don't need to include it).

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